Non Residential Soccer Camps

Manchester – the home of football!

The Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy have been running residential soccer courses for 42 years and on all our courses we aim to ensure, as far as we possibly can, that each individual’s needs are met. We provide a safe, secure and disciplined environment, where each child matters.

You can be assured that our staff will get to know the young people in their groups and we are used to players telling us that they had the time of their lives.

While it is our aim that each person leaves the course having improved their football skills, through playing and interacting with coaches and other players from around the world, they learn so much more! For young people to achieve their potential we aim to make the tasks set, enjoyable, challenging but achievable.

We initially group the players in their chronological age group. If throughout the week, the player demonstrates that he/she would benefit from moving up a group, if this is feasible, we aim to ensure that it is done. This decision again would be in consultation with the player. For each age group, there are recommended phases of learning which if kept to, ensure that your child develops at the right pace.