English is without a doubt the universal language around the world. Is it one of the world’s largest native languages and one of the most influential, especially in the Western World.


We at BCSSA love the fact our players are from all over the globe. We understand the importance of English as the most widely used ‘second’ and ‘learning’ language.

At BCSSA we offer English Language lessons alongside our football courses. We know from many international parents over the years that English is equally their priority and all our players are encouraged to use their English and grow their English language abilities.

We cater our English language lessons to all levels and abilities. The program entails 12 hours of English lessons throughout the week.

Our teachers are committed to making sure the lessons are interesting and useful and that they are delivered in a fun environment.

BCSSA, the football experts employ highly qualified language teachers and as language specialists they bring our players the best quality of teaching possible.

Booking your place is easy and simple. Simply click here to make your first step towards improving your English and football skills!

  • Improve your English language
  • Enjoy excellent football coaching
  • 24/7 supervision
  • 41 years experience
  • Expect some serious fun